"I was diagnosed with depression in the winter of 2018.  I’ve done a lot of healing on my own during my life, but the “bigger” issues would always get pushed down because I was afraid to face them and let them heal.  I fully believe this is what made me sick.  I started therapy in January.  I made a little progress. I looked into several forms of energy healing to use along with therapy and found Maria.  Things began to shift for me immediately.  Since I started Reiki treatments with her in May of 2018, my depression has subsided and I have found my joy again.  I feel the Reiki (and Maria) were the key factors in my recovery.  Things fell into place for me in a way they never had before. I took a leap of faith with Maria and it paid off in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  She is on my gratitude list every day!" - B.K.

"A friend suggested Maria’s work to me during a period I felt under siege by adversarial energy and intense stress. Under Maria’s capable hands, and in the quality of loving presence she infuses, I have felt my nervous system calm, and peace return to my body and spirit. I also sent a friend to her who has a major health challenge; he referred to her as “The Great Maria,” after a session with her. I believe in the principles of Reiki, and found them enacted by Maria as a practitioner." Gratefully,  - Mary Pierce Brosmer, Founder of Women Writing for (a) Change

"After being diagnosed with cancer I had major surgery to remove a tumor and was treated with Chemotherapy and with Radiation. In an effort to avoid a recurrence and to heal from the negative effects treatment had on me I was researching methods to optimize my bodies own abilities to heal itself. The Cancer Support Community introduced me to Reiki and I have been receiving three times per month since. I connected with Maria while she was volunteering in a Reiki Share program @ CSC. Thanks to Maria I am a believer in “life force energy” and how keeping it high with Reiki will help me to be healthier. Also since working with Maria I am more content and more capable of living in the moment. I am grateful to have met Maria and have access to her talent and dedication as a Reiki Master." - Greg

"Maria Kammerer is bringing this region something that is hugely needed - peace of mind, an outlet to resolve stress and LOVE. After receiving Reiki I am relaxed, sleep better and feel a calm peacefulness. Thank you Maria!" - Laura 

"Maria is a force for goodness in our community! I receive weekly Reiki treatments from her to help maintain my sense of balance and well being. I feel GREAT when I finish a session with her! Maria also teaches Reiki classes for those who want to learn the art for themselves, leads HUG MOBS, and cooks up other events to spread her message of love and kindness throughout our community! Maria rocks!" - Debbie

"What an honor to share this day with you. Thank you for being such a beautiful light and spreading such a wonderful practice." -Hadley

"There is so much energy just being in your presence. Your passion and energy is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share with me." -Alisa

"Thank you for giving so much to me. Your energy is beautiful and healing." -Michele

"What a wonderful experience. Your energy and insight is a reflection of our beautiful universe- it's benevolence, peace and joy! Thank you for this teaching." - Stephanie

"Wonderful class! You have taught me a lifelong skill and I will take it with me wherever I go." - Michael 

"The energy flow is powerful. Yet, Maria has such a gentle and compassionate way to bring it." - Jennifer

"From the moment I met Maria, I felt her calm and loving energy. She brings warmth and peacefulness to all she does. I can be a bit high-strung, so Reiki treatments with Maria are a wonderful way to bring me back to center and reduce anxiety. Imagine having Maria's loving and kind energy channeled through your body, easing your physical and emotional pain. Thank you, Maria, for offering this gift of reiki." - Maddy 

"A Reiki treatment helps ones self by allowing the person to find tranquility. In the calm you begin to find the answer to your problem. Reiki seems to me a joint effort between the Reiki Master and client onto what ails the person. Although the heat created from the hands seems other worldly the peace that melted away my anxiety and angst became the real miracle." - Mike 

“Maria has a lovely, peaceful energy that is a joy to be near. I loved her Reiki Level One class and now give Reiki to myself and my family on a regular basis. It has brought a new level of calm and peace into our life and it has helped me to manage my challenges with insomnia.”   – Bari 

"In my experience, it is most beneficial to partner with one who can assist in opening energy channels to allow the flow necessary for stimulating our mind, body, and spirit's power to heal. Maria has been my healing partner for years, I leave every session in awe of her powerful ability to channel Reiki and I am so grateful to be on the receiving end." - Tammy 

“I just wanted to let you know I had a HUGE breakthrough after our Reiki treatment a few weeks ago. And that I've been wearing that crocheted Reiki heart necklace you made for me last year 24 hours a day while I'm up here in Milwaukee. So much love to you and your important work. Namaste!!!   - April 

"So happy for you Maria! Having attended your Reiki II class, I've already received many blessings from your work. Can't wait to learn and receive more from you." – Lisa 

“Before meeting Maria, I didn't know anything about Reiki.  She both helped me understand the art of Reiki and, through treatments, worked with me to manage my stress and anxiety.  She gave me Reiki in some of my most difficult times—during an MRI and during the births of both of my children.  Her treatments and instruction have changed the way I think about healing energy and human connectedness.  Because of her practice I am a better, happier, more enlightened person.”  -Tamara